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Gift Voucher Process :


1: Customers will buy gift Vouchers from the Shoplover website.

2: If a customer buys 4 Vouchers, for example, Tk 2000,Tk.3000, Tk.5000 then WALKAR  will share the 4 Gift Vouchers amount separately against the customer’s contact number.

3:WALKAR will input all the Vouchers amounts along with the customer’s information in WALKAR server.

4: Customers will visit WALKAR retail stores; select the products they like and tell the cash counter people that he has Shoplover Gift Vouchers that they want to redeem.

5: The cashier/store manager will ask the customer to provide their Gift Vouchers and the amount.

6: The cashier will input the Gift Vouchers amount and the mobile number in WALKAR software and then immediately a confirmation text will be sent to the customer's mobile number.

7: The cashier will take the Gift Vouchers code from the customer and enter it into the software.

8: If the product price exceeds the voucher value, the customers will pay the extra amount through cash, Bkash, or any other method.


Terms & condition:


1. This Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or refund of cash

2. This Gift Voucher only be redeemed against products available at WALKAR showrooms

3. Gift Vouchers should be treated like cash, they can’t be replaced if lost or stolen

4. Voucher which is defaced, altered, or canceled will not be accepted

5. This Gift Voucher may be exchanged for products of higher or equal price than the face value on this Voucher. If your order exceeds the amount of your Gift Voucher, you must pay the balance by cash or Credit Card

6. Gift Vouchers are valid for (2) two months from the date of issue

7. WALKAR reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time

8. Customers can be purchased only by the pre-payment method(Mobile Banking or Debit /Credit Card). This Voucher will be activated Instant after the full payment

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